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TheCakeMix Art Show? (Mear One Gallery)

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So apparently tonight is an art show at TheCakeMix…. I suppose there have been worse things happening lately. Before the break are two pieces of art by another “street artist/renaissance man” by the name of Mear One.  M1 is an artist like no other, and with the nickname of “the Michelangelo of graffiti”, he had better stand out.  His nickname, which I assume is not self given, describes him perfectly.  Going from subject to subject…medium to medium, he finds something new and provocative to say each and every time without over using certain concepts.  Many will remember his art he did for the Significant Others album for Limp Bizkit…I know I do, it’s on my wall right now. Above is “David and Goliath” and  below is “Uncle Satan”, but they are all labeled with the correct name in case you would like to grab a copy for yourself.  Personally, Mear One is right up there in terms of artists I am a huge fan of, just due to his ridiculous talent and amazing point of view.  More to come later on.

More after the break…

“Delusions of Grandeur”^

“Cultivate Love”^


Self titled?^


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