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Goblin – Tyler The Creator, Coming May 10th

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New Tyler The Creator, but I’m not sure if everyone here digs this guy or not.  I like that he has a different vibe than everyone else, and definitely can rap. I sure as hell like him, as well as Odd Future. What do you guys think?  Music video for his single “Yonkers” off of his last album, Bastard, added after the break  just for people who don’t know him to get a taste.  One of the best visuals for a song in my opinion, regardless of subject matter it’s really good. UPDATE: I also added the artwork and tracklist after the break as well, courtesy of Tyler the Creator’s twitter @fucktyler.  Enjoy, and go support him May 10th.  You won’t be doing anything much better anyway, trust me.

1. “Goblin”
2. “Yonkers”
3. “Radicals”
4. “She”
5. “Transylvania”
6. “Nightmare”
7. “Tron Cat”
8. “Her”
9. “Sandwitches”
10. “Fish / Boppin’ Bitch”
11. “Analog”
12. “Bitch Suck Dick”
13. “Window”
14. “AU79”
15. “Golden”
16. “Burger”
17. “Untitled 63”
18. “Steak Sauce”

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