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  1. We would love your opinion on our new video if you like it we could
    send you our album.

    Here is new official video for E NORTH AVE kidd russell feat. ross
    golan of glacier hiking. Song is available on itunes off his new album
    BACKYARD HEROES. This is a catchy, fun song about the current state
    of our econmy. Enjoy and please help spread the word by fowarding it,
    tweeting or adding on facebook….


    Kip “kidd” russell

    • First of all, the music video for E North Ave not only captured the spirit of the song, but also left me quite impressed with the production quality. Second of all, I’m interested in hearing your album and if it’s all as good as this, I would be more than happy to post a few links at your discretion. Also, how were you able to hear of us?

      Thank you,
      The Cake Mix


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