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Again, Just Watch

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Sick Beatles cover, and I’m still trying to figure out the rigging they got to be able to put the band on a “stand” of sorts.  Enjoy.

Wiz Khalifa and Danny McBride – Complex Cover

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To promote Rolling Papers, Wiz teams up with Kenny Powers Danny McBride to burn the house down on the cover of Complex.  Picture of the actual cover after the break, enjoy.


Madden 12 Cover Contest

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Ok, so to get in on the March Madness excitement EA has held a contest to determine their cover athlete. I assume that EA thought this would make a good enough distraction from the point that without an NFL season, there is no Madden 12.  Oh well, we all know that the league will be back soon, but still, quite ballsy to even print anything before anything is signed.  So the deal is every player is ranked, like March Madness, and there will be weekly votings done through EA and ESPN’s site. The final player who gets through each round will be awarded the role of cover athlete. So go out and get Hakeem Nicks on the map people, we need to have a Giant on the cover this year.  Do work.