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Slow Day

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Slow day, figured a little bit of art might spice things up. This is done by Colin Prahl, and I for one think it’s great.  What a cool take on scenery painting.

One Wolverine or Two Batmen?

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Saw this over at the artist’s site, and figured it’d be a cool mind trip of a morning post.  Enjoy, man.

Japan Tribute – Banksy

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Apparently Banksy was feeling charitable, throwing out some peace and love with this Lennon and Yoko inspired art.  I really dig Banksy so anything he does I’d post, but how do you feel about this?  Comment after the break.

Slow Day, Snow Day

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Stay warm.  Hopefully more posts as the day gets more interesting.

“LA Mural” – Mear One

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A mural done in LA by Mear One, I figured one more art post tonight wouldn’t be a bad thing.  And for those interested, after the break is a video showing just what goes into a painting of this magnitude.  A must watch for any fan of art, regardless of medium.  This guy has talent that any other artist would kill for.  Enjoy.

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